The use of ultra-thin button lithium battery skills

General knowledge and skills on the use of ultra-thin button lithium batteries 1. Differences between CR2032 and CR2025 The number on the back of a CR button battery has a specific meaning, such as a CR2032 battery, where 20 indicates a battery diameter of 20 mm and 32 indicates a height of 3.2 mm. Generally, the CR2032 is rated for 200-230 mah and the CR2025 is rated for 140-170 mah. 2. Storage time and skills of ultra-thin button lithium battery How long a button battery lasts mainly depends on the brand, i.e. the quality of the battery itself. Regular mobile phones can be stored for half a year. Generally speaking, better quality phones can be stored for five years, with a tolerance of more than 80 percent. As far as storage is concerned, keep it away from light and store it in a dark place, low temperature and enclosed conditions. 3. If you drag a 3V LED lamp with a 3V ultra-thin button lithium battery, how long can you drag it There are several determining factors, starting with the power consumption of the product itself. If the power consumption is low, the ultra-thin button lithium battery will drag for a long time, then the battery size or capacity. If the volume is large, the lights can stay on for a while. Generally speaking, normal specifications can be used continuously for seven or eight hours without any problems. Of course, adding a current-limiting resistance to a small LED lamp can also increase the lamp's on-time. 4. How long can a 3v ultra-thin button lithium battery with 220 mah capacity be used for infrared remote control? Can I use it for a month? Often, it's hard to use in a day if left unchecked. The current value of the infrared remote control is generally 5-15mA, etc. You can calculate the capacity. Thirty days a month. It can be used for one month if 30 mah is used daily and if the operating current is controlled to 1 mah. Or use intermittent transmission 0.1 seconds, stop 0.4 seconds, can also be used for a month.





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